Milling and Pulverizing

We provide pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction services with a complete line of milling and pulverizing/reclaiming equipment. 

Resource Reutilization

The milling machine removes up to a 12-inch layer of existing asphalt pavement from the road surface, where it is then either loaded into trucks and hauled to the nearest asphalt plant for recycling or relayed back onto the roadway and reused as a base course. A reclaimer typically grinds in place the entire depth of existing pavement along with a portion of the aggregate base.  This mixture is then left in place on the roadway so that it can be reused as an aggregate base course for a new layer of asphalt pavement.

Whether it is removal of the existing surface layer using the milling machine or full depth removal of the pavement and aggregate base course from the reclaimer, both options allow reuse of existing pavement materials for future road construction.  This provides customers with tangible savings through resource reutilization.